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The Majengo Children’s Home is supported by 2 North American foundations – Majengo Canada and the Warren Majengo Foundation in the U.S. For tax receipt purposes, please donate to the foundation in your country. International donors can choose from either Foundation.

There are several ways that you can help – Every bit counts….

OPERATING COSTS and the money trail…. 2015 budget – $225,000.
Our 2015 operating costs of supporting 165 children for their food, education and medical needs, accommodation, a staff of 22 local people, the cleanliness of kids, clothing…and everything else that enhances their day-to-day lives: sports equipment, new shoes, safaris, celebration and fairwell parties, art supplies; including children living out in the community with relatives or friends.

ICA Tanzania is our local agent on the ground. Charles Luoga is our Majengo project manager responsible for all financial issues. Board members from Warren Majengo and Majengo Canada work alongside Luoga, Majengo staff and local village leaders to set the yearly operating budget. Each month ICA Tanzania sends a detailed requisition for next month’s expenses to Majengo Canada and Warren Majengo Foundation. In addition, they send last month’s financial statement of operating costs. The requisition is approved by our Majengo accountant before funds are wired back.

All donations to Majengo go directly towards the support of the children.  All volunteers and board members are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and food while visiting Africa.

Please support Majengo by sponsoring a child, in your choice of three ways:
1- Primary Education: $625/ year; $1.71/day
2- Secondary Education: $875/ year; $2.40/day
3 – Basic needs: $979/year; $2.68/day
4 РBasic Needs + Primary Education: $1,604/year; $4.39/day.
5- Basic Needs + Secondary Education: $1854/year; $5.08/day

Masai Girls’ Education Fund: It is said when you support a girl, you help support a whole community. Masai tribal girls are the most vulnerable girls in the Majengo community.

For $700 annually, you can support a Masai girl through her education: secondary, trade school, university.

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