We can’t solve HIV/AIDS or world poverty, but you can make an amazing difference in the life a child who has suffered indescrible loss in their short life. When you sponsor one or two of our 85 living in Majengo children, you are giving them their basic everyday needs today, but more importantly,  a great deal of hope toward their future tomorrow.
Here is your opportunity to create a real connection with our Majengo children, and change the life of a child. Today!

We offer 2 plans for you to choose for your child:

MAMA ANNA”S English Medium school: $625 a year.
Just under $1.75 a day, your can offer a child the benefit of an English-based education program at nearby Mama Anna’s English Medium school, where all subjects are taught in English, providing them opportunities to succeed and excel in significant ways throughout their life. This program does not include funding basic everyday needs of raising a child.

Sponsorship Chair: Simone Lee Hamilton: simone.majengo@gmail.com
or Lynn Connell at Majengo Canada at 416-951-6528. Email: lynnconnell@sympatico.ca
to arrange sponsorship of a child at Majengo after which Simone Lee Hamilton will update you with photos and bios of your child on a regular basis

$979. year, $2.68 a day…your child will receive full basic needs enjoying a full and happy, healthy life at Majengo including great food, accommodation, clothing, medical needs, school fees and day trips, while attending a basic local government Swahili speaking school


..to the sponsors of kids going to Mama Anna’s English Medium School:
“…you should be thrilled with what your contributions to send some of the Majengo kids to Mama Anna’s has done.  I was absolutely astonished when I arrived with some of the children coming up to me and speaking fluent English!  Tatu and another girl, in particular.  The progress is quite incredible (I hate how young people can learn languages so fast!)  Beyond that they are just so happy and excited to be there – it’s like they won the lottery!  One little girl  ran up to me the first day and started a conversation in English!  She asked how all of you were and told me about how much she was learning at Mama Anna’s school.  I didn’t even ask her and could barely get a word in edgewise!  Amazing.  And very heartening to see what a difference it has made in their lives already!”                                                        Canadian designer Margie Zeidler….