The Children

Majengo supports 165 children between the ages of 3 and 17 years:
•85 children living inside the Majengo Children’s Home with all their basic needs: accommodation, food, education, medical, clothing and love….
•35 children living out homes in the community, ajttending primary school, with their education and medical needs supported by Majengo…and
•34 children under the age of 7, attending Majengo’s on-site pre-school, living outside in homes in the community. At age 7 they will move on to government primary schools, leaving spaces open in our pre-school.
•11 Masai tribal girls – secondary school through to university

The Majengo children are selected for us by local Majengo District village leaders, who are  intimately familiar with the community, each family and its financial situation. Many of the children have lost one or both parents to HIV AIDS or come from families with caretakers too sick or too poor to provide their most basic needs.

The Majengo children range from being orphaned as a result of HIV AIDS to coming from separated families where one or both parents have left the home, leaving aging grandparents and aunties to look after their children –  some with many children of their own to support.  Majengo is an agricultural community, comprised mainly of farmers earning their living as day laborers,  growing bananas and other fruits, vegetables, raising livestock, cows, goats and chickens. In many cases these caretakers, unable to look after the children during the day, ask for assistance from village leaders, who eventually bring the most vulnerable children to Majengo.

Majengo’s approach respects the preference of the Tanzanian government  to place  children into homes with family, friends or relatives living within the community, wherever possible. The children living inside the orphanage have literally no one on the outside able or capable to care for them.


Our on-site pre-school at Majengo offers a wonderful, full day program for children under the age of 7,  who live in the Majengo community. These children are recommended to us by local leaders as the most vulnerable and poor in the community. They arrive early in the morning till dinnertime, enjoying art, English, math, reading, writing classes, with 2 meals, naps, and playtime with our living-in children.

As pre-schoolers reach the age of 7, they are enrolled in local primary schools outside the orphanage, leaving desired spaces at our Majengo pre-school for new children to be enrolled.  Our pre-schoolers, after participating for two or three years in excellent classroom study with Majengo teachers Grayson, Pendo and Eva, invariably score the top spots in local primary school classes.

Ongoing: primary, secondary, high school…trade or university…
We are fully committed to providing each one of the Majengo children the means and opportunity to attend 7 years of primary school and if their marks allow, 4 years of secondary school, 2 years of high school and on to trade school (nursing, teaching, electrical and plumbing, etc.),  or university.

This child was brought to us in January, 2011, by the police, because both parents had gone. At 9 months, she had the body of a 3 month old child, was starving and given 3 days to live. Hadija, our head cook, took her home every night into her own large family, and by day, she ate continuously at Majengo. Today, she thrives!!

SPONSOR A CHILD: ..for donors who choose to sponsor a child (or children!) who receive updates, pictures and histories, twice a year. Anyone interested in this program should click on the “How you can Help” section of our website.