The latest updates from the field at the Majengo Orphanage by founder Lynn Connell.
Lynn is an artist/entrepreneur, working in Tanzania over the last 6 years with Majengo locals, American and Canadian partners and donors building Majengo into a functioning facility supporting 165 healthy and happy children.
In Canada, she runs the Creativity Art Retreat in Dunedin, north of Toronto. For more details on Lynn’s personal African journey and the Majengo story, check her blog.

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Canadian SOLAR team instals LIGHT for MAJENGO!!

solar team canada Tanya with African team solar panel assembly measureing roof installing panels


LISA OELKE second from the right..with her fabulous team of Canadian solar experts, Denise Heapey, Sherri Ireland, Lisa and Mike Vance with engineer Tanya Dhir in front,  flew over mid September to help Nairobi Schneider Electric team of installers bring light to Majengo!!

It has been over two years since Lisa visited Majengo to witness for herself our 85 kids serving food and eating in complete darkness, making their way back to their dormitories…at night..brushing their teeth in the morning, showers, getting dressed, all in complete darkness…

She was compelled to help! Lisa went back to Canada, organized a top team of colleagues to design a complete solar system for Majengo. This included sussing out the best battery system…exporting it from Newmarket to Mombassa Kenya, praying it would go through Kenyan customs…testing at Sneider and trucking the whole system into Tanzania…a six week wait at the border and on to Majengo!!

As well, Lisa and her team raised almost $60,000 back home with Majengo Canada, friends and environmental suporters..thank you to everyone who donated!!

A dream come true!!

After the installation..Lisa and her team organized a full day of teaching the kids and staff all about solar and how to operate and maintain it properly…

thanks also to ICA Tanzania for its ongoing support and expertise in this fabulous endeavour…we know ICA and our kids and staff at Majengo will cherish and maintain the system….


thank you all…


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