Volunteering at Majengo



Stone mason Matt Brewster from Pennsylvania will be in Mto Wa Mbu for a year assisting Charles with Majengo and the new build:
“…..So this update is going to consist mostly of excerpts from my journal that I have written over the last week or two. I have had several experiences recently that have really made an impact on me and I would like to share them with all of you.
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IMG_5745February 2013: ANNE LINDSAY and BH YAEL, Toronto, Canada: Anne on left, (fiddle player with Blue Rodeo/Barenaked Ladies) and videographer BH Yael – Anne taught singing and music to the kids extraordinaire, entertaining kids and workers from the build, with songs and music!
BH Yael shot 11 hours of videotape interviewing Charles, Mr. Dennis, Mama Anna and the kids. WE are now making short videos with Toronto TV producer Jerry McIntosh to embellish this website soon!
Excerps from BH Yael:  “I already miss Majengo! The project is an exceedingly worthwhile one. The children are for the most part happy, well behaved, thriving young people. [85] kids: orderly at meal times, shining shoes, playing in the yard, showing their homework to Majengo staff, reading books on the stoop….good people working with them and they take care of each other.
Charles is an outstanding leader, supervisor, and caring man. He juggles a number of things every day, from the new Majengo build, to ICA projects, and still takes time to shampoo a kid’s head with fungus or infection. I never saw him lose his cool, he treats everyone one with respect. He is well loved, at Majengo and everywhere we went.  The teachers, Mathilde and Eve, have a handful with a new class of 20 preschool kids – they manage them well and are caring with them. The Bibi’s that clean and cook and the other staff are a terrific support.
The new build is so exciting! The three buildings designed by Maggie Zeidler,  look great…each with a different design. The plans for the new  site with more houses, gardens, school rooms and eating facilities will produce an amazing vibrant life for them. Mama Anna’s is an amazing school for these kids as well.

IMG_0747UPDATE: MARCI LIPMAN….Dec 2012……”what an eye opener for me..there is nothing like standing in the midst of these “miracle” children, a huge family of kids from 2-15 all singing and hugging each other…What Majengo offers is a huge possibility for life that these kids would never had otherwise. Each child is given,food, clothing, shelter and education, but more important, they have been given safety in their lives, and the opportunity to follow a course to comecome contributing citizens in their community…Majengo is not just an orphanage, it is an ongoing active development project for the entire community!!

“UPDATE: from Zoe…Canadian social worker, April 2012
…i had a great day today. Grayson  and i interviewed 24 children and took their pics!!! We were (altho grayson denied it but i didn’t believe him) EXHAUSTED at the end of the day! Been having good discussions about things, like how to help the children develop self awareness, which seems to be a concept that’s not really w/in African culture. He was quite keen to learn more from me…I’ve also started taking videos of the kids and have organized a time to film the village leaders.  I’ve never done this before so here’s hoping that you will like what i’ve done!
…lynn, this is the best holiday I’ve taken ever in my life. thank you for this opportunity.
ps  i just love living in mto wa mbu….

Volunteering at the Majengo Children’s Home
“is a life changing and totally enhancing experience…..!”
People wishing to travel to Tanzania to to volunteer at the Orphanage must contact us beforehand through:
• Warren Majengo Foundation: majengo@mckissock.com  814-723-2495
• Majengo Canada: lynnscottconnell@gmail.com  416-951-6528
• In Tanzania: If already in Africa, potential volunteers must contact our ICA office in the village of Mto Wa Mbu, Arusha,Tanzania, before working at the orphanage.

All volunteers do so entirely at your own cost, including all travel, accommodation and food expenses. We are happy to help you with travel suggestions, including choice of flights, accommodation, restaurants, costs, etc.

VOLUNTEER and VISITOR’S POLICY: Our volunteers are required to read and sign our Visitor and Volunteer Policy forms, before working at Majengo.

Fill our the form online here: http://majengo.org/volunteering-at-majengo/volunteer-online-registration/

What you can do at the orphanage:
A few ideas of what you can do at the children’s centre….
• teaching English
• teaching art, crafts
• sewing, teaching sewing, and repairing children’s clothing, etc.
• helping our cooks and cleaners,
• gardening,
• general maintenance, repair of furniture, equipment
• sports days: three legged races, soccer, running, jumping, games
• telling stories, reading books
• building our new Majengo facility, and most of all,
• spending good time with the children.
At this time, the children speak very little English, and teachers should take that into account. All art supplies and sports equipment etc. must be supplied by the volunteers and brought over beforehand, at their own expense.

Volunteering time and help at home:
Our organizations in both Canada and the United States welcome your support and energy at home, including
• fundraising, fundraising, fundraising!
• grant writing to foundations, corporations, individuals
• outreach, publicity
• social media,
• financial/legal expertise,
• media connections,
• organizational skills,
• education, medical and dental expertise and
• offering your home or club for presentations.

We welcome your help, enthusiasm, and support…
Please contact us at Warren Majengo Foundation: 814-723-2495 (US)
or Majengo Canada: 416-951-6528 (Canada)