Who We Are & How We’re Run


    • 86 happy, healthy children blossoming in a warm, loving environment with three meals a day, regular medical check-ups and full educational support
    • 33 Children under 7 attending pre-school on-site; children over 7 attending primary school, standing in the top ten in every class
    • 22 salaried, hardworking, competent and honest local staff, who love the children as their own
    • The only government-approved orphanage in the district of Monduli, Arusha, Tanzania


Our Vision is to provide support, stability and security for the children of the Majengo Orphanage, offering good nutrition, medical services, clothing and education within a warm and loving environment – from childhood through adulthood – encouraging them to become vital, self-sufficient and contributing members of their community.


MTO WA MBU,  ARUSHA,  TANZANIA… a 10 minute drive from the Lake Manyara National Safari Park


The Majengo team  in North America (newly formed MDAC) is a great group of people from the United States and Canada, passionately dedicated to providing the children of the Majengo orphanage the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment. We work strictly on a volunteer basis, paying our own travel, accommodation and food cost.
Directors Lynn Connell (Majengo Canada) and Matt McKissock (Warren Majengo Foundation) celebrate the children at a farewell party, October, 2011.

The money we raise is directed fully toward the operation and support of the Children’s Home.

Ian Asbaugh from Warren Majengo juggling with the children

We work through two charitable foundations: the Warren Majengo Foundation in the U.S.and Majengo Canada in Canada, (newly formed MDAC), meeting regularly to work on policies, organization, sponsorship of the children,  volunteer coordination, reviewing and approving Majengo’s monthly financial, educational and medical reports, and all the while supporting with direct and regular communication our local  ICA colleagues in Tanzania.

ICA Tanzania project coordinator Charles Luoga, with ICA co-founder and chairs Doris and Joseph Mutashobya.  Charles Luoga, on the left, is the co-founder of Majengo Children’s Home, along with Canadian volunteer, Lynn Connell who visited Majengo in March, 2008.
In accordance with the regulations of the CRA,  ICA Tanzania as our overseas, on-the ground Majengo agent is responsible for all fiscal oversight and management, including the distribution of money as designated by our  budget, preparing monthly financial statements and reports on the children, problem solving, logistics, special anniversaries and parties and regular communication and networking between local village leaders and the orphanage staff. ICA Tanzania provides us with reports on all these issues on a regular basis.

Jamie Bees and Di McKissock bringing clothing to Majengo


Team members visit Majengo every few months, under the guidance of ICA Tanzania, work hands-on with every aspect of the ongoing operational  logistics of the Majengo Children’s Home attending staff, government and budget meetings and running art and English teaching workshops with the children.


January 2011: Typical staff meeting at Majengo with ICA  agents and local village leaders, where cooks, cleaners, watchmen and teachers speak openly of their successes, challenges and needs at Majengo, within a unique egalitarian structure.

October 2011: Meeting with local village leaders celebrating their decision to give Majengo a 6 acre plot of land, on which to build our new orphanage facility!
In Tanzania,
the operation of the Orphanage is overseen by the Majengo District village leaders (above), and directed on a day-to-day basis by our local agent, ICA Tanzania (Institute of Cultural Affairs–Tanzania), a non-governmental organization.
ICA Tanzania is the agent of Majengo Canada and is directly accountable to it.


Majengo staff and children, October 2011

At Majengo, there is ZERO-TOLERANCE for corruption.
Together, with our staff and ICA Tanzania colleagues, we have created every opportunity to provide checks, balances, accountability and monitoring of all aspects of the Children’s Home. Financial statements are meticulously reviewed on a monthly basis by both Tanzanian and N.A. accountants and audited on a yearly basis.

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