Lynn Connell founder

Lynn Connell founded the Majengo Orphanage with Tanzanian project Coordinator Charles Luoga, in March 2008. As Founder/Director of Majengo Canada, she has volunteered in Africa since 2006, faciliating HIV AIDS workshops, creating micro finance programs and works hands-on in all aspects of the Majengo Children’s Home,  visiting Majengo extensively twice a year, (see Lynn’s Blog on this website’s home page). As an professional, working artist,,  she founded and operated the Creativity Art Retreat  in Dunedin/Creemore (1996 – 2015). For 25 years, as production events cordinator she organized local and national fundraisers, including: anti apartheid (Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu visits to Canada), environmental, First nation, disarmament.  She spends her time in Africa, Dunedin and Toronto, has three grown children and 5 fabulous grandkids. Contact Lynn directly: Email:

Brian Metcalfe

Brian Metcalfe is a retired chartered accountant with a Phd in English literature. Born in Toronto, he is married to Kathleen and has two daughters and two grandsons. He spends much of his time these days painting portraits and landscapes in oil.
Brian and Kathleen spent two years in the sixties teaching secondary school in northwestern Uganda. They are familiar with east Africa and are enthusiastic supporters of Majengo. Brian is involved as a part-time accountant with the Majengo Canada organization.


IMG_0044Simone Lee Hamilton is our Program and Development Director of Majengo Canada, pictured here bonding passionately with Abdi during one of her two visits to Majengo yearly. During her time there, she teaches English at Mama Anna’s school, offering each Majengo child her undivided care, time and attention. With her broad knowledge and love of the children, Simone is now an integral part of the Majengo Canada/US/Tanzanian team,  contributing to fundraising, policy design and ongoing education/outreach development. She has a BAHonours degree and BEd, both from Queen’s University.

Seanna picSeanna Connell is secretary of the Majengo Canada Board. She is Co-Founder & Project Director of ArtBridges/ToileDesArts (2008 – present) and Founder of A Home for Creative Opportunity/ ArtHeart Community Art Centre (1991-present). Seanna has worked as a visual arts project & program coordinator for inner-city, drop-in centres with children and disenfranchised adults over the last 25 years, in Toronto, and internationally: Ecuador & Peru, Honduras, and at both the Pambazuko & Majengo Children’s Homes in Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania. Seanna, along with her mother, Lynn represents Majengo Canada in Majengo’s final decision making Board of Trustees, bringing excellent Board and strategic experience.   Current Boards: Co-Chair – ArtHeart Community Art Centre, Past Board: Children’s Own Museum. Past Advisor: Art City St. Jamestown and 220 Oak St. Potters.

Paul AxelrodPaul Axelrod is professor emeritus and Former Dean in the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto, an award winning scholar and published writer of a wide range of books dealing with the study of schooling and higher education. As co chair with Simone of our Education/Transitioning committee, Paul brings a wealth of experience, focusing his expertise towards the individual guidance and assistance of each one of our 86 children, their current and future education, especially in preparation for their life beyond. Paul and his family visited Majengo in 2013, and joined the Majengo Canada Board in the fall of 2015.


IMG_9026Heidi Weibe has lived and worked in the Canadian Arctic as a regional planner since 2002, managing organizations and capacity building. Taking a 18 month sabbatical, from the north, she volunteered at MCH between Feb, 2013 to Dec. 2014, coming to us through ICA CANADA, establishing herself she established herself as an integral part of Majengo, both in administration, financial management, staff trainging/capacity building, policy building, grand writing, communication with NA, and at the Majengo Childrens Home, with the kids and staff, teaching English, “mama” loving, and afer school homework with the kids. She came back in 2015 for three months, engaging in financial processes. She joined the Majengo Canada Board in October 2015, and became co-financial advisor on our US/CANADA MDAC group where she meticulously reviews all things financial at MCH: including annual budgets, monthly requests and financial reports for our US/Canadian team.

Janet KcKelvey

Janet McKelvey, businesswoman, philanthropist, marketing, sales, with Xerox Canada; Canadian Tire: executive Director of its Foundation for Families, raising and disbursing more than $3.5 million to families in need in communities across Canada. She has chaired and been Director of such Boards as the Toronto Public Library Foundation, Shaw Festival Board of Governors, Developing World Connections and since October 2015, Majengo Canada. When the tsunami struck in 2004, Janet spent two weeks building homes in Sri Lanka, experienced the devastation first-hand, came home and launched TRIP Canada, along with Developing World Connections. Since 2005, she and her husband Bruce, have lead teams of volunteers to build homes in Tangalle, Sri Lanka annually, raising almost $1,000,000, initiating education programs for school children and post-secondary advancement. Janet’s interests include fitness, skiing, sailing, golf, reading and the family cottage with much time devoted to grandchildren Maddie, Sophie and Finn.

Nicholas SynnottNicholas Synnott: Chief Fundraiser McGill University, Legal department. Heading up fundraising team of Majengo Canada, joined Board of Directors in 2015.








Deborah Hawkins: MAJENGO CANADA bookkeeper