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MATT and KYM MCKISSOCK and  family...Warren Majengo Foundation. USA. Matt, his wife Kym and their children, live and work in Warren, Pennsylvania. Matt, Kym and family started McKissock LP. in 1990, www.mckissock.com, an online  education company, which has grown into a hugely successful business.  Matt, with two friends visited Majengo for the first time in March 2009 and was so inspired with what he experienced, decided to commit himself and his family to taking over the basic operating costs of Majengo: food, clothing, medical, accommodation, education.  For insight into what inspired Matt, please click to download MATT McKISSOCK’S LETTER.  Since then, Matt and his family have gathered great family and friends together – to fundraising events, travelling to Tanzania twice a year and working hands-on with every aspect of the orphanage. Without Matt, and his ongoing enthusiasm, commitment and sharp, business accumen, Majengo would not be here


IAN ASHBAUGH – Warren Majengo Foundation, USA Ian is a pharmacist and owner of the Youngsville Pharmacy in Youngsville, Pa.  His hobbies include photography, bird watching, cycling, stick fighting in the SCA, eastern martial arts, cooking and kayak building.  He lives in north-western Pennsylvania with his wife Becky and son Kai.  After traveling with Matt McKissock in March 2009 to Tanzania to meet with Lynn Connell and experience, first hand, the Majengo Orphanage, he became an ardent supporter of the cause and is a board member for the Warren Majengo Foundation.

DianaDiana McKissock …….Warren Majengo Foundation

 – Board Member. Born in Warren County PA, Diana splits her time between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Warren, close to her 5 grandchildren and 2 kids: Matt and Kate. When Matt became involved with Majengo Children’s Home, she became passionate about helping those first 27 kids,  but concerned with traveling to remote Africa. After much persuasion, Matt finally said: “Mom the older you get,  your world gets smaller & smaller unless YOU make it BIGGER”. That was all it took. 6 weeks later she was in Tanzania with her friend Jamie Bees: “It was the trip of a lifetime, the most meaningful & rewarding project to work on to truly make a difference to children in need.”  Diana made her second trip to Majengo June 2013 for the grand opening of the new facilities. Diana enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, traveling, bicycling, walking, weight training, & reading.

Matt Moore, second from the right next to Ian Ashbaugh, Matt McKissock and Lynn Connell working with architect Eb Zeidler and his daughter Margie, on new Majengo facility design. Matt Moore was raised in Western New York, educated at Gannon University in mechanical engineering and GMI in manufacturing management.  After working in Sweden for 14 years in the automotive suppoly industry (engineering, sales, production, exec positions), Matt has relocated back to  Western N Y. His interest in photography and membership in  the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) – recreational western sword fighting, brought him close to Majengo’s Ian Ashbaugh in 2011. Through Ian, he met many “amazing” people involved in the Majengo project, including Matt McKissock and Lynn Connell, became totally sold on the project, and got involved as one of Majengo’s key stategists, fundraisers, and outreach, involving family and friends, including his adapted daughter Sofia, born in China, and ex wife Cheryl, a special education teacher offering  great advice for the Majengo kids. Matt looks forward to his first visit to Majengo in 2012.